Christmas Gifts for Tattoo Lovers

With Christmas around the corner, whether it's your partner, friends or family who will be preparing a nice Christmas gift for you, but making a tattoo lover happy has never been so easy.

Here you will find a list of perfect solutions, and now there is a huge selection to surprise any tattoo lover.

Professional tattoo kits

As a tattoo enthusiast, the tattoo kit contains all the tools needed for easy and convenient tattooing, making it a good choice for beginners to use for practice.


Net weight:       175.2g
Size:                  Full Size
Color:                Black
Parameters:     1. Interface: RCA interface

                          2. Material: Aluminum alloy

                          3. Process: lathe process

                          4. Starting voltage: 6v

                          5. Working voltage: 8-10V

                          6. Switching frequency: 55-165 Hz

                          7. Stroke: 3.5 mm, 0-4mm adjustable needle depth.

The YUELONG Tattoo Kit has a top quality pen, along with 40 tattoo needle cartridges (20 liners, 20 shaders), and two wireless power supply, a set of latex exam gloves, 2 rubber grip tape, 1 kit case.

This tattoo gun is super easy to set up, and runs super quiet, if you have music playing even at low volume, you can’t even hear it running.

It’s comfortable in hand , and fun to use. Getting your needle depth set is as easy as turning the top of the gun left or right as you have the gun running.

Essential tattoo cartridge needles

As a disposable consumable, tattoo cartridge needle is an essential tool for tattoo artists, compared to traditional tattoo needles, it saves a lot of assembly time and is more convenient to use.

EMALLA Premium Tattoo Cartridges Needles Assorted

Premium EMALLA ELIOT Needle Cartridges made of 316L Japanese stainless steel and medical grade PC plastic. Transparent body to easy easier to observe the needle striking, needle bar design is more advanced. One of the best tattoo cartridge needles.

EMALLA cartridge needles with unique 3 layers silicone membrane design allows the needles tight to the bottom, increase stability, more durable , and prevent the backflow of ink can better protect your tattoo machine.

PEPAX Lance Premium Tattoo Cartridges Needles Assorted



The shape of the cartridge needle shell is designed according to artificial mechanics, and the holding posture is comfortable, the tattoo artist will not be tired after working with pepax cartridge needles for a long time.