Tattoo kits are great value starter kits for any aspiring tattoo artist.

Tattooing was previously considered a fringe hobby, but it has grown in popularity over the past two decades. Just as tattoos are very popular these days, so is designing and making them.

What factors should be considered before buying a tattoo kit?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best tattoo set.

The most important consideration will be based on your requirements and wishes. If you’re a professional tattoo artist, you’ll need high-end equipment, but if you’re a novice with limited expertise, you’ll need affordable sets to practice your skills.

In this YUELONG TATTOO PEN KIT, we’ll explain why this is a starter kit worth looking into.


This product is equipped with tattoo machine pen, tattoo power supply, tattoo cartridge needle, tattoo ink cups, tattoo practice skin, tattoo paper etc. keeping up with the global fashion trend. Therefore, it is perfect for hobbyists and newbies as well as seasoned professionals.

Kit contains:

  • 1pc Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with Cord
  • 1pc Tattoo Power Supply with Cable
  • 40pcs Tattoo Cartridge Needles
  • 1pc Tattoo Foot Pedal
  • 1pc Tattoo Grip Tape
  • 2pc Black Gloves
  • 2pcs tattoo transfer paper
  • 20pcs Tattoo Ink Caps
  • 200pcs Pen Bags
  • 1pc tattoo skin
  • 1pc tattoo case box



    1. Made of premium aluminum alloy, long-lasting stability.
    2. Exquisite workmanship, high hardness and lightweight, unibody.
    3. Ergonomic pen handle is comfortable and easy to grip.
    4. Suitable for permanent makeup and body tattooing ect.
    5. Features a powerful motor and an advanced gear system.
    6. Continuous operation not hot, Low noise, Long-lasting stability.
    7. Compatible with all power supplies and cartridge needles types.



    • - This tattoo power supply is not hot after long time use
    • - This tattoo power supply has anti-skid device at the bottom.
    • - The tattoo power supply can easy to drive a large row of needles.
    • - The sensitive and convenient button of the power supply is used to control the tattoo machine running speed.
    • - Digital dual machine tattoo power supply.
    • - Provides powerful and stable current to operate the tattoo machines.
    • - It can be worked with a liner machine or a shader machine.


    These YUELONG tattoo cartridge needles are made of 316 great grade stainless steel and high-grade plastic.The light-colored transparent nib is convenient for tattoos and better visibility. 

    There is a safety film inside the cartridge system to prevent ink from passing through the tube.The built-in part has a silicone vibration control ring, which is highly flexible and durable. 

    The most important is it has a wide range of applications, The tattoo cartridge needle is compatible with various rotary tattoo machines/pen type tattoo machines/coil tattoo machines.

    This kit has a dual purpose:

    1. It is good for beginners to practice with; they can learn the basics and go on from there. It has everything a student would need to get started on tattooing. You would go on the internet and secure a good video tutorial, and go on from there.
    2. For someone who already has the knowledge needed to tattoo, this kit would be a great addition because it has the ability to be carried with you and make for a portable tattoo business.

    This has everything you need from the actual tattoo machine, battery, and electric charger, to practice "skin", gloves, needles, and keys to lock your kit.