There was a long time when hand tattoos were called "Job Stoppers" because they were the third most obvious place in addition to face and neck tattoos. You can see Rihanna's hand tattoos in magazines, and you can even see a lot of ordinary worker tattoos on the backs of their hands peeking out of their coats.

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01.Will hand tattoos negatively affect your work?

While tattoos have become more mainstream, some professions still mind getting tattoos on obvious parts, and imagine you're a lawyer and having a giant scorpion on your hand might not be the best option.

02. Whether the tattoo artist you choose can handle hand tattoos?

The hand is an uneven surface with delicate skin and bone structure, which is more difficult to operate than tattooing on other body parts. This is a test of the tattoo artist's skills. The depth of the tattoo artist's needle is directly related to the problem of smearing.

03. Is the skin on my hands not thick enough to withstand a tattoo?

The thickness of the skin on each body part is different, which is actually a more test of the tattoo artist's skills.


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04. Is the tattoo on the hand difficult to heal and easy to fade?

Because the hands are often used for work, the stratum corneum is thick and the metabolism is fast. Compared with other parts, the color will fade more easily, and the healing period will be longer, but the color can be maintained by complementary color in the later stage.