10 types of tattoos that represent courage—Part 2

10 types of tattoos that represent courage—Part 2

6. Candles,Light

Candles have a meaning of light. Candles are products developed for lighting, which can bring light, hope and courage to face difficulties to people in the dark, so candles symbolize light. Always in the dark and lonely, burning quietly and softly with you. It also represents courage and faith.

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7. Eagle

At every moment, the eagle always maintains a spirit of energy. When the eagle finds the prey from high altitude, they will rush to the prey at a very fast speed, grab it firmly, and work tirelessly , has the spirit and attitude of never giving up until the goal is reached.

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8. Shield

The shield represents protection, responsibility and courage, and is a metaphor for bravery, strength and personal charm. The potholes on the surface of the shield reflect the ups and downs of life; the cracks on the edge symbolize the determination to defend the love in the heart even if it is riddled with holes.

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9. Shark

Sharks symbolize bravery. In the sea, sharks can be said to be the overlord. Sharks are the most powerful fish in the ocean. Many fish dare not approach them. As long as they see their prey, they will move forward.

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10. The Sun

People cannot do without the sun. Without the sun's rays, the world would be in darkness. Without the sun's rays, everything would not grow and would dry up. So the sun is a symbol of light and happiness. Selflessly providing us with light and warmth is the origin of everything and awakens all things. It also represents new hope.

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Tattoos are a personal choice, so everyone has their own unique style and ideas, and I hope everyone can have their own favorite things and styles.

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