Essential Skills for Tattoors - Line Techniques

As a unique artist, tattoo artists need to master various techniques to create excellent tattoo works, and the most important thing is the ——line technique.

Tattood lines are the foundation for constructing tattoo patterns, and good lines can make tattoos more vivid and delicate.

Tattoors need to master the techniques of drawing thin and thick lines, as well as the characteristics of straight, smooth, and symmetrical lines. It is also necessary to master stable hand control, accurately grasp the brush, and accurately present the lines according to one's own wishes. In practice, you can engage in a series of hand exercises, such as drawing basic diagrams, practicing the thickness, length, and curvature of lines, etc. By gradually improving hand control and mastering the use of brushes, lines can be presented more freely.

One of the most critical factors in tattoo lines is the selection of the correct needle configuration. A common choice is the round liner shader needle, which has a flat configuration that allows for smooth coloring and filling. Another option is magnum needles, which are ideal for solid color area packaging.

To create lines, you need to adjust your tattoo machine. This includes increasing voltage and decreasing speed to provide more control over the needle.


In addition, because different people have different skin thicknesses, you need to adapt to different human skin types and adjust the concentration and thickness of tattoo lines accordingly. The skin is not flat and has uneven areas, so you need to adjust the lines to adapt to the curvature of the skin surface.

So, before starting a tattoo, it is important to test the machine settings on the practice skin or backup paper to ensure that you achieve the desired thickness and consistency.

Good skin preparation is one of the keys to the quality of tattoo lines. Before tattooing, it is necessary to ensure that the skin surface is clean, dry, and free of pores. Do not use cosmetics or dandruff, as they may hinder the fine presentation of multiple thin lines. In addition, tattoo artists should choose different lines for different skin parts in order to shorten the healing time and ensure a smooth tattoo process.

To become an excellent tattoo artist, there are many skills that need to be mastered. Only by mastering these skills can one create higher quality and personalized tattoo products.