Tattoo Cartridges Needle is one of the essential tools in the tattoo process. This product provides tattoo artists with a more flexible and precise tattooing experience, suitable for many different types of tattoos, such as details and lines. With the development of the PEPAX brand, more and more tattoo artists are choosing to use PEPAX tattoo needles. Below, we will introduce the characteristics and advantages of PEPAX Lance tattoo cartridges needle to you.



PEPAX Lance tattoo cartridges needle is one of best cartridge tattoo needles in the world , All tattoo needles with medical grade PC cartridge, safer than PVC. The cartridge needles production and assembly are carried out in the aseptic workshop and are packaged after disinfection and sterilization to ensure needle safety. The special design meet the professional tattoo artist demand.

PEPAX Tattoo Needle Cartridge

The PEPAX Lance Tattoo Cartridge Needles are high-quality cartridges that contain precision soldered needles.

This needle cartridge gives the artist’s finger extra comfort, less finger fatigue, and absorbs those damaging vibrations while tattooing. Transparent housing for optimal visibility, a membrane mechanism to prevent ink backflow.One-piece needle over-mold for total stability.Safety membrane drive system. Protect your machine with balanced resistance. Suitable for most machine brands on the market.

Main Parameters

  • Configuration:         Round Liner/ RL.

  • Needle Diameter:    0.20 mm – 0.35mm 

  • Box Quantity:          20 cartridges

  • Color:                       Transparent Tip

  • Mold:                        Single-mould casing

  • Hygiene standard:  Medical-grade plastic tips

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you can choose the appropriate short handle needle according to the style and line requirements of the tattoo to achieve better tattoo effects.


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